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Market access

Market access

As part of this service, we aim to position your entity in new markets by seeking distributors, partners and investors by organizing B2B and B2C meetings abroad and in Croatia.

Our role:

Make it easier for you to access new markets.

Areas of activity:

- Analysis of markets and market trends in Croatia and abroad

- Organization of business trips in Croatia and abroad

- Organization of business sector forums and B2B

- Finding clients, business partners - B2B and B2C

- Organization of sectoral events

- Develop marketing strategies

- Assessment of market opportunities


Dreberis GmbH Conference

Market access The health sector

Modern methods of improving efficiency and increasing patient well-being

At the beginning of 2017, we successfully organized the conference "Croatian-German Forum on Health Cooperation". The sponsor was the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany, and the goal was to establish business contacts and exchange experiences between Croatian and German companies. participated Dreberis GmbH, HUP, Croatian Healthcare Employers Association.


Market access The health sector

B2B meetings

During 2017, we organized over 60 B2B meetings under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy of the Federal Republic of Germany. The task set by Genius Consulting has been successfully accomplished. Business cooperation was achieved between Croatian hospitals and distributors of innovative medical equipment and German manufacturers of innovative medical technology.

DREBERIS GmbH - Informative trip

Market access Education

Informative trip of Croatian representatives of vocational education to Germany

In 2018, we organized a study trip for Croatian vocational schools and schools for lifelong learning in Frankfurt and Mainz. The Croatian delegation had the opportunity to get acquainted with German institutions at all levels responsible for dual education, and we visited, among others, the training center Siemens AG, Berufliche Schulen des Main-Kinzig-Kreises, Nachwuchsstiftung Maschinenbau gGmbH

Latest news

Market access Innovation and R&D Public sector

Uspješno održan prvi digitalni hrvatsko-njemački Forum na temu Smart City tehnologija

Market access Information and communication technology Innovation and R&D Public sector

Prvi digitalni hrvatsko-njemački forum na temu Smart City tehnologija „Digitalna rješenja za javnu upravu - hrvatski gradovi na putu prema pametnim gradovima“ - 14. rujna 2020

Market access Manufacturing

Pozitivna priča našeg klijenta o širenju poslovanja na nova tržišta!