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EU and national funds

EU and national funds

Access to finance is often a key requirement for the realization of new investment projects. The development of project ideas and their implementation is only possible if we have sufficient financial resources and human capital. Providing access to grants or financial instruments from either Croatian or European institutions is our daily task.

Our role:

We will help you realize your business idea with a grant, and our service consists of:

1. Check your acceptability and project ideas

2. Develop a business plan / investment study

3. Prepare a project application

4. Carry out the procurement procedure

5. Manage the project

Areas of activity:

EU fundsEU programsNational programs / laws
European Regional Development Fund
Cohesion Fund
European Social Fund
Horizon 2020Investment Promotion Act
European Agricultural Fund for the rural developmentPrimaSectoral programs
European Maritime Fund and fishingEBRD Country programs

The latest news

EU and national funds Manufacturing

GC uspješno proveo još jedan projekt sufinanciran iz EU natječaja „Izgradnja i opremanje proizvodnih kapaciteta MSP“ ukupne investicije preko 6,5 milijuna kuna.

EU and national funds Agriculture, forestry and fishing

Objavljen nacrt EU natječaja za tip operacije 4.2.1 Povećanje dodane vrijednosti poljoprivrednim proizvodima

EU and national funds Tourism

Objavljen Poziv na dodjelu bespovratnih sredstava za privatni turistički sektor