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Genius P3

A team of experts at Genius Consulting, through many years of work with entrepreneurs, has designed a suite of workshops called Genius P3 that are designed to meet the individual needs of a particular legal entity.

The workshops are intended for:

a. entities that want to manage their own EU projects independently,

b. entities that, although they have their own external consultant, want to upgrade their knowledge, understand what the external consultant is doing, all with the goal to improve collaboration and making business decisions easier.

The workshops are divided into 3 modules:

Module A. Identify the project

Do you have a project idea and do not know what opportunities the EU funds offer, or can your project apply for a public tender?

A half-day workshop tailored to your needs will be organized at your request.

Module B. Application of the project

Do you want to prepare your projects on your own and build internal capacity to apply for successful projects co-financed by EU funds and lack the skills you need?

Through a two-day workshop, you will get basic tools and guidance on how you can start your own project on your own.

Module C. Implement the project

Your project was selected to co-finance EU funds, but your internal team lacks the skills needed to implement it?

Through a two-day workshop you will get all the tools and guidelines you need to successfully and independently realize your own project.