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Bussiness training for entrepreneurs

Business training for entrepreneurs

A three-day training program consisting of three modules in the field that increase the competencies of entrepreneurs and sales advisers in business to business sales.

Module 1. Business finance basics

Get acquainted with the basics of business finance. Learn the contents of the basic financial statements (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement). Learn to read and analyze your balance sheet and income statement.

In this module, you will learn the importance of engaging in business conversations on an equal footing with financial topics that are inevitable and better understand your customers' business.

Module 2. Sale skills

Learn how the buyer makes the purchase decision. Find out why it's most important to discover the customer's need and how it's done and how to create value for the customer. Adopt guidelines for professional customer service and guidelines for building and retaining customer relationships. Transform yourself from an "order-only seller" to an "enthusiast-selling seller."

In this module you will learn how to remain a partner to your customer and how to sell faster and easier.

Module 3. Presentation skills

Increase your communication and presentation skills to your customers, employees, team and other participants in the business process. Learn how to display and interpret results well, present plans for the coming period, and delegate tasks. Motivate your audience.

The purpose of this module is to improve communication competency across all levels, team, superiors, customers, partners...