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Proactive sales

You choose which modules you find interesting

The training is conducted through five one-day modules. Each module can be attended separately.

Module 1. How can the customer say "YES" before?

Does "... your product is great to us, but ..." sounds familiar? Turn "but" to your advantage and get that job!

Module 2. Remain a partner to your customer

It's not easy to acquire a new customer, but it's even harder to retain. Learn how to build a long-term partnership with a customer and how to sell more.

Module 3. How to lead a successful sales team?

Should the best salesperson on the team become a sales team leader? What are the three basic roles of a sales director?

Module 4. How to hold a sales meeting that will delight your customer?

Why is it not important to present the characteristics of your products / services at the first meeting? What should we ask the customer and why is it important to listen to the customer well?

Module 5. New Customer Acquisition Skills

What needs to be said to a new customer to make an appointment? Increase your chances of arranging a first date with your dream customer. Perfect your cold calling.